2019 Will Be The Year Of Videos!

The future is now! The video revolution is nearing its peak and next year will definitely see even more videos. Video content marketing is on a steady rise.

Let’s be straight with this. The importance of videos as a marketing tool cannot be overemphasized. Although it is a fairly new addition to the promotion toolbox of businesses, video marketing will definitely reach new heights much sooner than we think.

If you’re yet to try videos to promote your business, you’re missing out on a whole lot of worthwhile publicity! If you have any doubts as to the potency of video promotions, just read on.


The first thing you must know about video marketing is that it will make you some serious cash. If you add a video of one of your products on your landing page, your conversions can go up by up to 80%. This alone is enough reason for you to start looking into making some exciting product videos.

Videos can also lead to direct sales. From several studies, the vast majority of people who watch explainer-videos on particular products or services go on to purchase them. And it’s really not so surprising when you think about it. In us, humans, vision is the most dominant sense, and most of the information that is transmitted to our brains is visual, so much so that a popular adage goes, “Seeing is believing.” Pictures are already known to boost business engagement substantially. Just think how effective moving pictures will be.


The foundation of conversations that lead to sales is trust. Building trust in business should be a goal of its own, content-marketing is a world that revolves around trust, goodwill and creating lasting relationships.

Consider quitting just trying to sell, and instead, draw the people in by simply giving them the interesting and useful information they need. This is what videos can help you do. If you are serious about marketing your products, you must be serious about videos.

A lot of consumers are wary of getting products and services off the internet for the fear of fraud, but effective video marketing can dispel their fears by presenting your wares in conversational form.


Videos make visitors spend more time on your site. And the longer the exposure, the more the trust. Also, this way, search engines are alerted that your site has great content, and so you are more likely to show up first in searches related to your business. Since Google now controls YouTube, there is now a major rise in how much videos influence your rank on the search engine. All you need to do is optimize your YouTube videos for SEO and give them interesting descriptions and titles.


A lot of consumers are in the habit of watching videos daily on their mobile devices. A lot of people watch videos on the go, and nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone. Video views from mobile devices have risen over the past few years, and are set to skyrocket by 2019.

So, what are you waiting for?

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