Count Down Begins for The Mega Success Event!


The days is passing like fractions of seconds, and the level of excitement is growing with each passing moment. The 14th JT Foxx Mega Success Event is going to happen at LA from 6th to 10th November, and I am just getting crazy about it. After all, I am getting the opportunity to visit my favorite city again, and the thought of meeting so many celebrities in this event is itself going to be a thrilling experience. I am just counting on days and have made all the arrangements to be there to spend a memorable and wonderful time.

I have always been in love with the beaches and the vibrant nightlife of LA. This place reminds me about several fantastic experiences of life. I never miss a chance to visit the outstanding museums of Los Angeles and the historic streets of Arts District exhibiting stunning masterpieces. Venice Beach has always been one of my top priority during LA visits, but this time it is not just about tourist places rather I am more excited to get some new experiences for life and my business as well.

This event is going to bring business professionals from 70+ different countries on the same platform, and they will be sharing their experiences with the audience. I am excited to get the opportunity to speak in front of more than 2500 people at this event. The thought of being there is also little scary as I am feeling nervous to stand in front of such a huge crowd that is loaded with several famous celebrities. But, after all the mixed feelings; I am an optimist about the experience that I will be getting at this event. I believe that it will teach me some new concepts to take my business to the next level while proving my skills as a good entrepreneur.

How can I forget to share that in this event, I will also be joining the Property Panel? Being a real estate business trainer, I will be getting the opportunity to share a platform with the real estate industry authorities to have some valuable discussions on the concepts related to the real estate business. I can’t wait to join the heat on the JT Foxx Mega Success Event at LA.

JT Foxx Mega Success

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