There are some moments in life that you know, from the very first second that they happen, you are going to remember them forever. For many, these special moments include weddings, the birth of children or graduation.  For me, I’d like to add another event to the list that, without a doubt, will be fused in my memory forever.  That was the event that I attended last week called Mega Success 14.

This big name event was a great overall experience with lots to offer anyone who wanted to attend.  I really enjoyed the fact that it didn’t matter where you were from in the world of networking or business, you could simply join in and find all sorts of benefits waiting for your within the great confines of this adventure.  I got a lot out of it – a lot more than I had counted on – and it is all going to help me make an impact within my business, all while being an overall positive experience that will stay with me forever.

For those of you that were curious, there were people there from all around the world.  This allowed me to make connections worldwide because we were all there for the same reasons.  With people from all life experiences at all different levels, I could network and make substantial connections with people while they did the same with me.  It was truly a win-win situation that allowed for maximum benefits all around.

With people from over 70 countries in attendance, I was able to enjoy the adventure that came from interacting with new people form new cultures and get to know them in a professional way so that we could all enjoy each other’s company.

There were also great names within the property panel, which was the highlight for me.  The big names included George Ross, Hugh Hilton, Vanilla Ice and JT Foxx amongst others.  I was able to learn from the greats in the game and come out of the entire six-day even feeling as though I had learned all I could from it.

With lots of time to enjoy admiring at the various celebrities in attendance, there was never a dull moment.  For the business professional in me, it was the perfect spot to go and enhance my business in a memorable and profitable way.  For the personal part of me, it was great to see how all of these different people at different stages from different parts of the world could come together to make this incredible event as memorable as it was.

Mega Success 14 is something that I will never forget and I am looking forward to making use of all of the connections that I made as well as sharing my experience with all those who are interested in coming into the same wonderful and life-changing experiences to enjoy all that Mega Success 14 is going to be offering.  A week to remember without question.


Have a wonderful start for your week!

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