Less than 1 month to go!


I just can’t keep quiet for excitement, it’s barely less than a month now and I will be in LA on November 6-10 for the JT Foxx’s Mega Success 14. LA has been my favorite city and the thought of going there is always thrilling. I just can’t wait to be there. Los Angeles is a city that has always present me with new exciting experience each time I come visiting. This city is filled with a lot of exciting experiences that you cannot but just give yourself some time to explore it. The world-famous and most exciting Santa Monica’s Beach has been one of my favorite places to visit in LA. Its natural, thrilling, special vibes and an exciting site has never failed to catch my attention. Another fantastic place I’d love to go and view the star is the Griffith Observatory at the top of a hill in Griffith Park just northwest downtown.

The Mega Success meeting is an all networking and business event that brings JT Foxx’s most elite clientele around the world together and as attracted attendees from over 71 countries and nationalities. It’s an opportunity for me to invest, network and learns. Several people from around the world will be attending the meeting ranging from celebrities, professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, and sometimes a 12-years old girl who is optimistic to become an entrepreneur.

Attending the Mega success meeting will be another unforgettable experience for me. Apart from visiting my favorite places, I will be in Anaheim Marriot for the mega success meeting, it’s a contemporary Hotel with an outdoor pool, isn’t that exciting? Am so excited cause I will be meeting with several great people like JT Foxx, Hugh Hilton, Dr. Phil McGraw, James Corden, Brooke Shields, Jessica Simpson, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas, and Al Pacino. I will be meeting with several key-note speakers too.

Another fascinating experience I long to have at the mega success meeting is the warm reception and the equal treatment given to all attendees at the meeting. Every attendee has one same motive which is to learn, earn, connect and do business together.

I will also be speaking at this world #1 wealth and business meeting. Have you been anticipating to hear me speak or want me to be your business coach? here is an opportunity for us to meet, interact and become partners.

In my 10 minutes speech, I will be sharing with you on my business ideas, philosophies and wealth strategies that I have proven and tested in creating my business empire for a decade. I will be recommending this principle to you to help improve your life, business, and net-worth. I will also be speaking on the key principles of success.

Attending the mega success meeting will surely help you to get better, I bet it with you. It’s a meeting you will never want to miss. My planning and preparation are now in top gear, I can’t wait to be in LA by November.

Am so optimistic that attending the mega success in LA will make me a better coach, speaker, and business person.

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