Property panel with Vanilla Ice!

Who doesn’t know Vanilla Ice; the popular American Rapper, Television Host and of course a popular Actor? Some of you may not be aware of the fact that the original name of Vanilla Ice is Robert Matthew Van Winkle; However, he is popularly known by this cool name: Vanilla Ice. He was born on October 31st in 1967 in Dallas, Texas and today he is known for his ultimate genres including Rap Metal, Nu Metal, Rap Rock and Hip Hop.

Well! The world knows him for his ultimate music albums, but I have a different reason to talk about him. Very few people know that Vanilla Ice is also a successful property investor. He buys numbers of houses, spends some time and money on their maintenance and then sells them on the appropriate price in the market. Yeah! He is into real estate business like me, and this made me feel more excited to meet him for several years.

The most awaited moment of my life came in the JT Foxx Mega Success Event when I got the opportunity to meet Vanilla Ice. The amazing news is that we shared the same property panel and had a discussion on the real estate related concept. I felt amazing during this meeting, and it was the most memorable experience of the event. I have heard many of his raps till now through different sources, but this was the first time when I heard him expressing his valuable views on real estate business. It was definitely an incredible experience, and I learned so many interesting things from Vanilla Ice.

How can I forget to mention the moment when I got the opportunity to click a picture with the dashing actor during the event? I have always been impressed with the life story of Vanilla Ice and his music collections as well. But the moment I shared some business-related thoughts with this famous personality, I developed a different perspective about him. He is such an inspiration for people working in the real estate business, and I will always value the experience I had in the property panel with him and Hugh Hilton, George Ross, and JT Foxx. We had a great time, and I got several new ideas about the real estate world that I will be soon implementing in my business with my team.

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