See what you can’t do in 4 minutes…

Hey there, am going to be telling you something really amazing right now. Something you probably wouldn’t believe if I didn’t have the statistics to back it up.

But first, we’re going to do a little exercise. In your mind, think up the things you can accomplish in four minutes, anything at all. Allow your imagination to run wild, let free your mind and let it roam. What did you come up with? I’m willing to bet making a sandwich is part (as well as eating one). So is making a cup of coffee, jogging to cover up a little distance, making a phone call (or a Skype video call for that matter). Something tells me you also thought about typing a short email and sending it.

What I am willing to pay you money for is that you cannot sell a house in 4 minutes. I’m willing to go the extra mile and pay more for you to sell a house every 4 minutes for 24 hours. I’m also willing to bet that you can not name (and do not know) three or more real estate agencies that can do this.

This is because it requires a reasonable amount of clout, network and a really long reach to pull this off. Guess what though, RE/MAX Europe can, and does this.

You’re probably wondering in your mind right now how that is possible, and if that is true. Well, I will tell you to how.

For starters, RE/MAX Europe has over 22, 000 agents in over 2,000 offices across Europe alone as at August 2018. A number that will, and can only keep growing. You’re probably like “wow, that’s a lot.” And you would be right, it is a lot.

There are over 193,020 house listings on the website, a number that experienced an increase of 21,690 over previous numbers. That is the size of our company in Europe, let’s talk about those we were founded to serve, our esteemed customers.

We had (again, in the month of August), 2,296,413 persons visit our website in search of the property of which 66% were mobile users (this tells you that our website is mobile friendly and that you can just as easily accomplish your business via mobile as you can via a computer).

The result we got with these reach, these networks, along with our integrity and the customer-centric model was the sale of a house every 4 minutes.

Wait a minute, that is only across Europe. We have over 123,000 agents in over 7,900 offices situated in more than 100 countries of the world. Our global listings for the month of August was 898,062.

Wouldn’t you rather conduct business with a company that has such a proven track record, and reach? Anywhere you are in the world, we are there, ready and able to serve you in a way that no one else can.

Isn’t it just AMAZING?



RE/MAX Estonia Regional Trainer

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