Thank you JT for changing my life 360 degrees!

I remember where I was less than a year ago. I was a Regional Trainer for RE/MAX Estonia, but that was just about it. There were so many things I wanted to do to take my life and business forward.

The sad truth, though, was that I wasn’t making any headway at all. For so long, I had felt stuck. I had my vision, but no idea of what I should do to move fast towards making my vision come true.

That was my life up till April 2018, just 8 months ago. That was when I admitted to myself that I needed help. I was just throwing everything at the wall, and nothing was sticking. I concluded that I needed help fast. So, I contacted JT Foxx. I explained what I needed and why I needed to start working with him immediately.

It’s been just 8 months, and no one could have prepared me for the 360-degree life-transforming events that have started happening for me. It felt like a scale was lifted from my eyes and I could finally see the right steps to take. With his and all the other coaches (Francie BaldwinReggie BattsMyron AllisDerek Eurales JrDana Van HooseCherie EilertsenKevin FranceRose ChastainAngelo Kehayas) guidance, I stopped feeling lost. They all helped me map plans that are straightforward for me to follow. It is almost as if I was handed a map.

Today, apart from being a Regional Trainer for RE/MAX Estonia, I am also an Amazon bestselling author together with Jennifer Pickhan and Jan-Marc Pickhan, international speaker, media host for the TV show “The BOSS talk”, partner in Legacy Builders Global, partner in Gryphtech and also the CEO of K.Israel Consulting – all within 8 short months!

Let me be absolutely clear here that it hasn’t been easy. I used to live a life where I was constantly confused. I didn’t know how to move from where I was to where I wanted to be. Today, I haven’t been clearer. My progress hasn’t been so great in so short a period. But like I said, it hasn’t been easy.

First, JT Foxx made sure I faced my fears squarely and tackled them. At first, that was super scary. Even now, I have to admit that I still get scared every now and then. But JT made sure I didn’t use that as an excuse. In fact, with his help, my fear has now become a source of motivation towards achieving my dreams.

This is not a magic pill at all. His process and techniques has demanded an insane level of hard work, commitment, and dedication from me daily. In fact, I had never worked as hard as I have in the past 8 months. JT has pushed me so hard, and also taught me to push myself. Well, that became easier when the results started rolling in, and I started moving faster towards my goal. At first, that felt so surreal.
But I have learned, with the help of my coaches, and I am still learning: With a big vision, the right strategy, the right support, and an unrelenting spirit to implement fast, there is no limit to what I can achieve. Stepping out of my comfort zone was not a bed of roses, but it was the sacrifice I had to make to move ever closer towards where I want to go.

I could have quit. Several times, I felt like running away, scared of the opportunities that suddenly appear before me, waiting to be grabbed. On my own, I would have run scared. With JT and his entire organization, I keep surmounting mountains and breaking my own records.

My life has never been more blissful and I am super excited for 2019!

Thank you for everything and I am so ready to push more and move forward!

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