Why companies and also entrepreneurs should be on TV and have media credibility?

Most companies have failed to realize that their inability to go live on TV has brought a limited number of customers and clients for their business. Let’s say you were at a startup stage, you have a strong idea, your products or services are great and you strongly believe that since your product/services are essentially needed you need to create awareness so that people will be all over your company.


Now the only question that can pull the trigger is how to make things visible? Obviously, your biggest problem is exposure, and the only solution you can apply is to market your business. More specifically you need media exposure that is generally practiced and cost-effective.


Now that we know that a media presence particularly TV broadcast is the best way to go about it, you must ensure that your marketing message goes in line with your objective in other to increase sales.


The best and most popular marketing approach in history includes three media types, which is the earned media, the owned media, and the paid media. We only tried to explain the major three types of media although our focus is why companies and also entrepreneurs should be on TV and have media credibility.


Why companies and also entrepreneurs should be on TV and have media credibility?

The idea behind media presence is very simple; you need to take action to get results, feature your brand or product on social media, it results in increased visibility for your brand. You may be confused that we have always mentioned media all along although we specifically mentioned TV broadcast, note that media is not limited to TV broadcast only Media can include news sites, magazines, online publication (publishing articles online) and even TV itself. For the purpose of this short piece, we shall be concentrating on how TV can bring great media credibility to both companies and entrepreneurs.


Here are five main reasons why you should go for media (TV) branding and how it will give you credibility.


  1. PEOPLE SPEND MORE TIME AND CAN WATCH TV ANYWHERE: research has shown that viewers spend more time watching TV than they did to every other social media platforms globally. According to Nielsen’s fourth-quarter 2016 Comparable Metrics Report, ninety-two percent of adults living in the US get information through the TV. The reports also show that video is the most preferred content-format people loved to watch. Despite the fact that there is increasing popularity of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, access to these wifi devices coupled with better data has over time continued to facilitate an increase in VOD audiences. Watching TVs away from home in places like airports, bars, fitness clubs brings viewing closer to the media.


  1. TV ATTRACTS LOYAL VIEWERS: live TV events like sports, shows attract a loyal and attentive audience. Situations like this are enough to say that appointment viewing is still alive and well. As long as events continue to happen all around the globe, news viewers and some other information carriers will always be glued to the TV making it a reliable avenue for organizations and entrepreneurs to have an opportunity to catch viewer’s attention for their products and services.


  1. TV AND ONLINE WORK TOGETHER: TV plays a vital role in online businesses. It helps to expose a product or business to a much larger audience than online advertising. Viewers may be far away watching a TV but they are still not disengaged with the content even though they have easy access to all kinds of mobile Android devices they still want to engage themselves with the TV. Advertisers and TV programmers will never seize to appreciate the importance of a TV as they continue to use that medium to engage their viewers with more in-depth content online establishing a good relationship with them (viewers) and creating brand loyalty. However, online reach out is making TV a more efficient medium and this synergy will continue to will continue to increase with time.


  1. FISHING AT ADVANTAGE: nowadays, the use of addressable advertising and programmatically buying audience has made targeting a specific audience on TV gets better compared to when people used to be relegated to watching a particular programme on TV.


  1. TV ADVERTING IS SURPRISINGLY AFFORDABLE: advertising on TV can be surprisingly affordable if you know the best way to go about it. Media planners and buyers are always looking for offers and ways to make more money simply by helping organizations market their products to the public, most entrepreneurs and organizations are not aware of this thereby thinking it’s not affordable.



Even as the public has adapted strongly to watching TV there are still other powerful social media means entrepreneurs and companies can use in reaching a targeted audience. A very great tool that is very popular is Google; with the help of Google, you can reach people worldwide which means as you try to reach your audience through the television they can still be reached through search engines just to mention few.



Just in case your strategy and ideas are yet to materialize, you are not alone; media exposure is bound to face challenges from a different angle if you are just starting up. You can use some other means like a guest post and press release as they can be leveraged together for greater brand exposure.


Meanwhile, always have it at the back of your mind that in the long run, you will see the results of what you have worked for if you don’t give up in your regular media approach to growing your business.

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